Special Events


Eliminates biting insects at the source.


We make sure no biting pests attend your event.  No contract or long-term commitment.  Ideal for birthday parties, weddings and family gatherings.

“We have enjoyed our BuzzFREE system so much that I have recommended it to numerous clients.  As an architect, incorporating the BuzzFREE system into outdoor plans allows me to offer my clients alternatives to screened in living spaces.”

Charles Shipp, AIA, Memphis, TN

“The BuzzFREE System is the best present we have ever given ourselves.”

Lee Giovannetti, Memphis, TN

“Without a doubt, one of the best additions to our home!  Now we can truly be “up close and personal”, any time of day, with the flowers, birds, butterflies, and creatures that inhabit our garden!”

Dina Smith, Memphis, TN