Barrier Treatments


Eliminates mosquitoes and biting insects for up to 3 weeks.


Our trained professionals treat your yard with an EPA registered pesticide using a backpack spray system.  The pesticide is formulated to leave a residual that keeps killing for up to 3 weeks.  Special attention is paid to areas favored by mosquitoes and other biting insects.  These include undergrowth, shrubs, and low lying areas.  The process takes approximately 30 minutes and is repeated every 21 days.

Satisfaction guaranteed or we will re-spray your yard at no cost to you.

“BuzzFREE really works. In our backyard, which has a garage and some trees on which we can create a more enclosed space, mosquitoes are now a rare sight. It smells good, too. When we play out in the unprotected front yard, we quickly experience the difference!”

Clay Smythe, Memphis, TN

“Thank you so much for our terrific system! It has changed the way I enjoy my home! I couldn’t go outside before, and now I can sit out and read a book whenever I feel like it! It’s amazing!  Again, thanks a zillion!”

Susan Bourgeois, Collierville, TN

“Without a doubt, one of the best additions to our home!  Now we can truly be “up close and personal”, any time of day, with the flowers, birds, butterflies, and creatures that inhabit our garden!”

J.C. Smith, Memphis, TN